The Importance of Focused Time

Topic: Time is not the real issue…. It’s all about FOCUSED TIME.

One might think that with the today’s cutting-edge technology, people would be less busy and more relaxed. However, as technology becomes more advanced, it seems that people have actually gained more tasks to do but with very little time to accomplish it. However, did you know that time isn’t really the issue and that anyone can do anything and everything with focused time?

Modern technology has also provided us with numerous distractions and these are the times when focused time is most needed. Now more than ever, folks need to learn how to create focused time and understand its effect on productivity.

Undeniably, people need space and unfocused time too because usually, this is the time when inspiration strikes. There should be some time to just let our thoughts wander and allow our attention to not focus on anything in particular. These are the times when new ideas come and creativity strikes. Unfocused time and focused time are not enemies. On the other hand, they are allies and should be side by side. Both are necessary and both have its benefits.

While unfocused time allows creativity to strike and people to find inspiration and new ideas, focused time makes us more productive. People can accomplish more when they are focused. In addition, performance is improved and the end result is so much better when undivided attention is given to a task.

Many workers, housewives, bosses, and students complain that they could not accomplish many of their tasks in a day due to lack of time. It seems that, “There just isn’t enough time” has become the common excuse of most when they fail to do all that they planned to do in a certain period of time.

The key to effectively accomplishing many, if not all the tasks in your list is to have focus. Focus is the key to productivity. And focus cannot happen when we do multitasking. Unfortunately, a lot of people still think that multitasking is the key to productivity. It really isn’t. Multitasking means doing a number of things at the same time. The person’s focus is divided to all the tasks that he is trying to accomplish during one period of time. This often leads to unsatisfactory results, stress, and a physical or mental burnout. This is not productive but destructive. Time is wasted too because the results are not good so it may need to be done again.

Focused time means putting all of your attention on the most important task that needs to be done. Therefore, a person needs to prioritize and determine which among of his tasks needs the most immediate attention and action. When a person practices focused time, he does not think about the other tasks that are not important and not urgent. Instead, he concentrates on one task at a time. By doing this, he gives his 100% attention and effort on each task, often guaranteeing far excellent results than those from multitasking.

Focusing on what’s important also gives a person a sense of direction and at the same time, tranquility. When people have focus, they eliminate the other things that occupy their mind. From being scatter-brained, they can spend their time and energy on things that truly need their attention.

Time is not the issue, unlike what many think. Even with little time, people can achieve lots and accomplish many if they have focus. It’s just a matter of eliminating the unimportant and concentrating on the things that really matter. If people practice focused time, we can accomplish many of our tasks and provide quality results.