• I am just super blessed to have Rene Kamstra in my life. Have you seen Rene teach and speak on stage? She is out of these world!!!! Dynamite! If you have not experienced her like this yet, you will be in for a treat when you do see this ball of PURE ENERGY! Rene blows my mind. She is super energetic, animated and can read an audience! Last week I had the opportunity to video edit two of her presentations I filmed. I saw them like I never did before, up close and personal, and I was laughing every bit of the way! She is soooooo funny and dynamic! Rene you are soooo funny, and you make everything you teach so awesome by being so animated. I'm drawn in and focused and really learning. You are a unique speaker, to engage like that. I'm super honored to work with Rene!

    Tasha Angelina
    Tasha Angelina Cooney International Speaker, Filmmaker, Photographer
  • Rene Kamstra for all those reading this.... this lady here RENE is the mastermind DIRECTLY responsible for helping me get out of my own way and systematize my business. BEST COACH EVER.

    Randy Kuhn
    Randy Kuhn
  • Here is what happens when you go to events you meet people that change your life completely in 1 chance meeting I met Rene Kamstra my now business coach and dear friend. My business has increase 10 fold when Rene agreed to be my business coach. She took it, shock and built strong foundations for my business and sprinkled it with her magic. Rene has radio show host, TV personality, speaker, author, and publisher. Her clients have included Visa, Wells Fargo, Morgan State University, Corelogic, YMCA, NextGen, and Mighty Auto Pro. This was not meant to be a testimonial its a shout out for Rene but a warning to those business people who think that they will make it on their own - everything changes and is a whole lot quicker when you bring an expert onto your team.

    Jenny Jordan
    Jenny Jordan Need a VA / Owner
  • The presentation Rene gave was full of valuable information. While the quality of employees has certainly escalated over the years, the Fascinate personality test will prove invaluable to raising the bar to an even higher level. Priceless.

    Bill Hill & Leigh Anne Best
    Bill Hill & Leigh Anne Best Mighty Auto Pro
  • I was blown away with the Fascinate test and results that I was able to participate in this weekend at the workshop in Cincinnati. The results were spot on and the analysis of how different personality types of work together will now define how I do hiring. Thanks for introducing me to this technology.

    Don Ballard
    Don Ballard Master Mechanic Diagnostics & Repair
  • Thank you, Rene, for giving me the opportunity to hear you speak about the Fascinate System. I am very excited about having my employees, and even my children take this test. I feel it is a wonderful tool to use in our everyday lives.

    Michelle Ross
    Michelle Ross West Ohama Auto Service
  • Rene exposed us to incite to ourselves and more importantly to others. This will give me an edge to what each person needs to feel wanted and valued.” It was interesting that one room was very close to equal numbers of people who are classified in the 7 Triggers. That tells me there are many people that are different from me that I need to learn about.

    Serena Posner
    Serena Posner Autotronics Automotive
  • I feel that Rene’s presentation was very enlightening. The information I received will be very helpful in evaluating my current and future employees. P.S. I would recommend Rene to any business.

    Wade Lanier
    Wade Lanier All Star Auto Service
  • Rene Kamstra is what I call an unreasonable coach that is committed to her clients playing full out and achieving their desired goals as they continue to substantially increase their personal knowledge and wealth. Rene’s no nonsense approach constantly has me taking action and being responsible for that which I want, without feeling like I have a daunting task ahead. Her ability to communicate and educate at all level makes the time I spend with her so valuable in my understanding of what I need to do step by step. She has this infectious sense of knowledge that always leaves me feeling like I am unstoppable and that life is truly an adventure to be lived out. My life has changed 100% since I started coaching with Rene in the Fall of 2010. By allowing her to guide me through this process, I am now living a life I love full of abundance and wealth. When you are looking for a business or personal coach, mentor or teacher, you most definitely want to open your mind to Rene.

    Gail Vilcu
    Gail Vilcu Greater Vision Training and Coaching
  • Rene is one of those rare gems where it seems as though very single time I have seen her she has greeted me with her warm infectious smile. Her wisdom, kindness, and authenticity are trademarks of a woman that has made an impact on countless lives, including my own. Thanks, Rene, just for being you.

  • I have not only had the opportunity to be coached by Rene but also to watch her coach others. Renee has the amazing ability to cut straight to what matters most for everyone that she works with. Her direct style is something that I really appreciate.

    Maya Fletcher Hiersoux
    Maya Fletcher Hiersoux Life Coach
  • To be honest, Rene wasn’t my cup of tea when we first started talking and I was VERY resistant initially. She has a very direct, no-nonsense approach… quite different from the coaches I’d worked with in the past. But you know what? It was EXACTLY what I needed (vs. what I wanted)! A simple question that she asked me, which I thought was completely out of left field, turned out to be the catalyst for one of my biggest breakthroughs. In a field where most are concerned about being liked, Rene is someone that cares too much about you and your long-term progress to be concerned with whether or not you like her in the moment. In the end, after your breakthrough, you’re going to LOVE her.

    Philipp Lomboy
    Philipp Lomboy Marami Marketing Group
  • Rene is amazing at helping people source their highest gifts within themselves and in eliciting clarity in a pathway for them to serve the world with those gifts. Rene’s world experience with some amazing people and industries, along with her well-honed intuitiveness will blow you away! She can help you! I highly recommend Rene Kamstra to anyone seeking an experienced and very wise soul, for guidance in their personal life and business.

    Katie Joy
    Katie Joy Entrepreneur
  • I have known Rene for 5 years. She is highly intelligent, dynamic, creative and good-hearted professional. She is fun to work with, and I still warmly cherish the opportunity given to me to work and learn from her. I had the distinct privilege of being coached by Rene Kamstra. Rene has an amazing ability to understand the nuances as well as the big picture. She is a great motivator, a good listener and a very patient one. She always finds a new angel and she is creative, lucid and bright. I have been a professional speaker for 3 decades. Rene showed me how much I still need to know and understand, in order to be a really good speaker. Rene is my secret weapon, my ticket to bigger success than what I already have. Trust me and follow me and call Rene speedily as you can. You will not regret it.

    Dr. Josef Olmert
    Dr. Josef Olmert Washington DC. - Internationally Known Middle East Expert
  • I have been working with Rene Kamstra since February of this year. My goal is to be a professional speaker and trainer and I had reached a point where I needed outside guidance. I am very pleased that I met Rene and decided to have her be my coach. I truly enjoy working with Rene. Her program is personalized to my goals, ideals and personality. It is obvious that she puts a great amount of energy and thought into each week’s call and that she cares greatly about my success. One of her strengths is that she is extremely insightful. She is able to ask the right questions to bring out what is holding me back and to identify where I want to go. My progress, so far, has also been dependent my own effort but Rene has provided the guidance to move me ahead much more quickly than I could have done on my own. I would definitely recommend Rene Kamstra as a coach. I believe that she has the necessary skills, knowledge and dedication to help me get to where I want to go. I feel confident that she can help many others in the same way.

    Diane Nelson
    Diane Nelson Long Beach, CA
  • My experience with Rene and the Business Oxygen has exceeded my expectations dramatically. I knew it would be an educational experience and was looking for someone to help me maintain my drive. It has done so much more. My skill sets have increased. The accountability has helped me stay on track. Having weekly homework has given me focus on aspects of my business I hadn’t considered as well as kept me moving in a forward direction even when things were not moving in my favor. The homework has also allowed me to work ON my business regularly. By staying committed, attending each week and doing the assignments, my business revenue has increased by over 400% and I am on track for even more. If a person is committed to growing and improving their business I highly recommend coaching with Rene. Thank you!

    Tara Schmakel
    Tara Schmakel TheOnceTimidNetworker.com
  • Rene Kamstra is a passionate, acutely aware coach. She listens and HEARS the underlying causes of my fears and challenges and has the incredible ability to interpret what is holding me back. The way she simplifies and communicates actions and solutions, consistently allows me to look within and take action to go to the next level. I am eternally grateful for Rene being in my life and thank her for the empowering impact she continues to have on me and for my life.

    Peter Hobler
    Peter Hobler Transformational Author – Inspirational Keynote Speaker – Personal Development Coach
  • Mastering the 7 Triggers and reading body language…who better to learn from than Rene Kamstra,…Executive Strategy and Business Coach for Anthony Robbins ….if she’s good enough for Tony, I’m all in!

    Osahon Urubusi
    Osahon Urubusi via Facebook
  • Rene Kamstra gave us some million dollar personal and business tips today at the Platinum Mastermind Program. She is brilliant, charismatic and extremely successful! How could you not want to learn how YOU can be successful from people like Rene?

    Scott Oliver Via Facebook