5 Great Ways to Sell Without Being Pushy

When you think of selling, what crosses your mind? Have you been trying to close a deal or sell your product? Are you sending out the wrong message?

No doubt, to succeed as a sale person you must have some skill, though; this is not all it takes.

A little shift in intention may be all you need to become better at selling. Unfortunately, a number of people may either shy away from selling or dislike salespersons since they perceive them as being selfish people who only care about persuading prospects to take action.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

So how can you sell without seeming obnoxiously pushy? It is surprisingly simple and requires first having a goal and then adopting a more buyer-centered approach.



Here’s the secret in 5 easy steps…

Take the Pressure off

The pressure to get results is a reality, especially for sales staff who must hit targets and entrepreneurs who depend solely on their business for income.

In fact, within a few minutes of meeting with a prospect, a pushy seller will immediately start pitching. That would come across as being aggressive and desperate.

It would only leave you with mistakes because you didn’t take quality time to get to know and understand your potential customer.


Have a Sales Process

A smart way to sell and close a deal is to organize a sales interaction process.

Firstly, you should start with an introduction before discovering what problem the customer might have and how your product solves it. Finally, you promote your business, present options and explain the positive feeling they will gain with your product or service to close the deal.


Allow your Prospect to Contribute

Who’s doing all the talking? If it’s you then you’ll definitely come off as being pushy. This can be a turn-off and most likely they’ll walk away.

Instead, encourage them to do most of the talking as this approach will make it easier to sell without being aggressive. Not to mention, you’ll have the opportunity to understand them more and increase your chance of a sale.

When you ask good open-ended questions, they’re able to connect with you and the conversation will flow with ease.


Make them Feel Comfortable

The more they feel relaxed with you, the better your chances to make them a happy customer, it’s that simple.

Smile when interacting with them and use humor when appropriate.

Once they are comfortable with you, they’ll naturally take action.


Focus on Their Needs, Not Your Goal

In the end, the needs of your prospects should be a top priority and not your sale campaign.

Most customers only lookout for products that meet their needs. You become a better consultant and partner to your prospects by finding out their pain points and discussing possible ways to modify your products or service to be the solution they desire.

Although this approach may take more time, it has been proven to be more effective.

Put more effort into your customers’ needs by focusing on selling solutions and developing a solid relationship rather than sales alone.