Step 1 to Pushing Past Your Limits: Change Your Physical State

In order to surpass your limitations, one of the first things you can do is to change your physical state. The only thing that can prevent you from your attaining your goals is your self-imposed boundaries. Whether it’s your fears, doubts and mental or physical state that are hindering you from achieving your aims, do know that this can easily be remedied by taking on a conscious decision to change.

A lot of people think that these limits are pretty much unworkable so they give up and continue on with the rest of their life not knowing what their full potential is. That’s why in essence; it is basically up to you to work past your breaking point in order to get a step closer towards your unrealized dreams. Once you are able to conquer your own personal hindrances then counteracting your weaknesses will surely help you actualize any objective in your life.

Handling Hesitation and Resistance

Just like with any kind of change, it is more than likely that your mind will put up various reasons to postpone or delay any impending chance to transform one’s self. Moreover, humans are inherently creatures of comfort and any attempts to modify what’s already been tried and tested will undoubtedly be met with a certain kind of opposition either from your inner voice or your body.

Furthermore, another resistance you will most likely encounter is the burnout phase. This is when you have already jumpstarted your quest for change but unknowingly; you come across a stumbling block either in the form of complacency or having already reached your current physical limit.

Complacency and Limits at their Core

Fundamentally, complacency is the bane of change because one of the main reasons we get stuck in a rut is when we refuse to modify just because something is not broken. This mentality, at its depth, is just a feeble excuse for ignoring opportunities to improve due to fear. Progress can never be had at this stage because one refuses to acknowledge that there is much to be gained in always aiming higher.

When it comes to reaching one’s breaking point however, it’s easy enough to not put up a fight but what will it get you in the end? The only way a person can build mental stamina is by going beyond what you think you can do. Your limits does not necessarily have to be a burden to you, by taking on the required action to address whatever weak points you may have, only then will you be able to push past your physical limits.