Why Reading Body Language is a Superpower

Reading body language is a bit like having a special power. When we read body language, we are able to read on subtle, unspoken hints of human communication that most others can’t.

When people communicate with one another, for the most part, they are concentrated on the actual words that the other person is saying. However, our bodies review how we feel in subtle ways that we may not even be aware of. For example; if someone is nervous, they may rock slightly, play with their hair, or rub their fingers onto their lips.

So why is this important? You would be surprised how many industries and leaders use the services of body language experts to train their sales teams. If a person can better read and recognize the subtle hints a potential buyer may have about making a big purchase, for example, then the salesperson will be able to act accordingly in order to make that customer feel more comfortable.

If someone is able to recognize the unspoken hits within a relationship or friendship that something may be bothering them, that can also be extremely helpful. You can quickly identify how a person may be feeling by noticing their body language.

To summarize, the goal is to get to know people better, to pick up on the subtle hints or unspoken language that someone may not want to share out loud. This can be a superpower in any business, relationship, or friendship.