Top Reasons Why Nothing Gets Done and How To Overcome Them

There are many factors why people are unable to get things done. It doesn’t matter whether the task is a simple one or a big one, people will often get stuck resulting to delay and possibly even failure to accomplish it. What are the common reasons why people get stuck in doing their tasks and what are ways to avoid it?


Many individuals get sidetracked from completing their goals due to procrastination. Procrastination can be defined as the intentional delaying of tasks that can otherwise be accomplished immediately.  Some people are given deadlines and perhaps sufficient time to complete tasks but will wait until the last moment to actually start working. For the longest time, experts have been analyzing what causes procrastination and the most common answers came down to lack of focus, feeling of being overwhelmed, and laziness. When a person easily gets distracted by other activities around him, he loses focus on the task that he needs to do at the moment. In other cases, when a person is overwhelmed with the immenseness of the task that he needs to accomplish he will tend to delay facing it. In the same way, laziness can be a factor that causes one to procrastinate. It’s simply better not to do it.

Solution: Make a list of your tasks and place it somewhere visible such as a bulletin board. Break down your big task into smaller, more achievable ones. Number it so that you can cross out the ones that you’ve accomplished. Hopefully, this will help you to stay focused and the smaller tasks will help you fight laziness as well as the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Lack of Penalty

Another reason why most folks take a much longer time in completing the tasks at hand is the lack of penalty or consequences. For instance, a person will delay cleaning his garage because no potential danger can happen to him if he does it or not. However, an employee will finish his work for the day because he is afraid that he might get fired.

Solution: Although, there is no real threat to you if you don’t finish your task, think about the bad effects if you don’t do it. Not cleaning your garage can result to bugs living in it, molds and mildew growing all around, and clutter filling your garage space.

No Motivation, No Inspiration

It can be hard to start or finish something when there is no reward is sight. As a result the person will feel no motivation to do the task. On the other hand, when a person is inspired by something or someone, the job may get done sooner than expected.

Solution: Prepare to reward yourself whenever you accomplish your tasks. Find an inspiration to do it. It doesn’t have to be grand. For instance, an ice cream can be enough incentive when you finish cleaning your garage. Take a bubble bath after a vigorous 20-minute workout. And when you finish a big job, buy yourself a new bag, the latest gadget, or a new pair of shoes. A little motivation and inspiration will help you get past even the most daunting task at hand.

Its normal to get stuck when doing our tasks no matter how big or small it may be. However, if we understand what is causing us not to finish it, then we can find solutions to keep us going.