Useful Tips on How to Listen for your Customers Needs

Ask yourself this…Are you Listening or Just Hearing your customer or client?

It may seem like a simple question to answer but in fact, it’s pretty difficult. Take a few minutes to answer yourself honestly after you have read this.

Regardless of industry or niche, listening is KEY to be successful, grow your business and kick Butt in SALES.

When presenting a product or service, concentrate on how it can satisfy the customer’s needs instead of focusing on the benefits of what you’re offering. Block out everything around you and hear what they have to say with true curiosity. GET TO KNOW YOUR CLIENTS NEEDS IN DETAIL!

When you listen with the magic of curiosity, you’re allowing yourself to focus and be alert of the customer’s tone, tempo, and volume of their voice. In turn, match their tempo…etc. Practicing this alone will give you the advantage of developing a human connection that will set you apart from your competition, making them comfortable and wanting to work with you.

Once you have heard what they “need,” start asking open-ended questions, encouraging collaboration.  When you ask open-ended questions, you are inviting them to explore and communicate their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Once you have them engaged and you see that something is getting them going… ask the following — “TELL ME MORE”  and wait patiently and with an open mind. This will bring you ALL the rapport you need and the answers to exactly what you as a salesperson need to bring to the table to close that deal!

With close-ended questions, you’ll receive a short or single word answer from the customer, which does NOT share the data and information you would need to understand their needs and move forward.

Now, if you really want to make an impression and be absolutely unforgettable, learn the art of “Backtracking.”

Backtracking is summarizing (recapping) what the client has shared with you, repeating the key points back. For example, “ I understand, it’s very important that your new home has a large master bedroom, with enough room to create a relaxing reading area with lots of windows for natural light to come in.”

Try to use their exact words, this will show respect and gain rapport. They will greatly appreciate the efforts and focus you are demonstrating.

As human beings, we want our needs met and that’s what sells. It takes work, dedication, and developing new habits to successfully “Listen” and “Ask” what people want and need.