Top 5 Ways to Feel Confident

The lack of feeling confident within ourselves can be a reflection of how we lead our life It can be a lack of ambition,  drive, and ultimately lead to a lack of fulfillment. There is no miracle cure on how to feel confident, the lack of it has been brought on within ourselves or by the very people who influence us. The thing that we can do is, instead of focussing on our weaknesses, become much more aware of our strengths.

Everyone is capable of learning how to increase self-confidence. This is not something you have to be born with. We all had events in our lives that have knocked our confidence down, but it is time to pick it back up again.

Look deep for things that you know will make you feel more confident. Such as things that make you feel beautiful from the inside, positive and good about yourself.  Make a bigger effort in things you love to do, and what you are really passionate about.


Here’s how you can get started in enhancing your level of confidence:


  1. Self Concept

In order to feel confident, the first step is to change the way you think about yourself. Examine your self-doubt and the trigger (the reason for the doubt.). Stop programming yourself for failure and practice positive and encouraging self-talk.

It is time to reprogram yourself and create new habits. One way to do this is to replace all the negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones. This may be hard to do at the beginning, but it is very important, and you shall have to do it daily.

Realize that if you do not believe in your self-worth, you shall never achieve anything worthwhile, and your dreams shall remain exactly that – dreams. Make building your self-confidence a priority.


  1. Breath and future thought

Feelings that cause a lack of self-confidence, such as fear and anxiety, can have two effects; Superficial breathing and thoughts of a disastrous future (for example, see everyone laughing and throwing things at you as you speak).

You can remedy this by having periods of deep intentional breathing and imagine a future in which you control situations and manage yourself confidently. Doing this will make you feel more confident in the present moment.


  1. Change Environment

Look around and notice who you surround yourself with or the environment that you are in. Do the people or surrounding support confidence-building, or is it negative? Do all your friends speak negatively? As the saying goes, misery loves company!

Do your friends, or family members sow seeds of discouragement and doubt in you by saying that you will never be able to achieve your dreams or better yourself? If so, limiting your communication  with them or remove yourself from them entirely may decrease your “self-doubt.”

Building your self-esteem and confidence is a very important undertaking that involves what you hear. Hear the right things, and watch your confidence increase bit by bit.

Venture out into new environments and make new acquaintances. Such as, people who do not know you and have not made judgments or have preconceived notions about you.


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Being confident takes daily practice. You have to create new habits every day to replace all the confidence destroying habits that you have practiced in the past.

Whether you believe it or not, at the beginning of confidence building, you have to act confident. Practice the speech patterns and the body language of a confident person that you know or have seen. When you practice often, it will soon become second nature to you.


  1. Make the Achievement of Your Dreams Your Main Focus

Have you given up on your dreams? Do you believe that you will never achieve them? It is time to believe in yourself and believes that you can achieve anything. According to a saying, “if you believe that you will never achieve, you are right!” The reverse is also true, “if you believe that nothing is impossible, guess what, you are right!”

Far too many people have given up on their dreams. They have simply stopped trying because of a lack of confidence to continue the pursuit of their dreams and happiness.

Everyone has times when we need a confidence boost. By regularly practicing these five patterns, you will find yourself able to cope with those low moments much more efficiently and promptly.

Being Confident Means Persevering In The Midst Of One Obstacle After Another.