How To Be Your Best Before The Sale

Part of being a successful Salesperson is identifying the work that must be put in before approaching or contacting the customer. Yes, the sale process starts sooner than you may have thought.

 As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. Regardless if it’s a face to face or over the phone, if one is not 100% ready to interact with a customer, it can definitely jeopardize the potential sale or worse, the future business relationship.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself to ensure you’re at your BEST. Pay close attention to the last one listed, it’s the Golden Rule.

*What is your current MindSet? Are you thinking in a positive manner, not allowing toxic thinking or past negative experiences lead you away from what you really want?

*What are your intentions? Are they positive, do they come from the heart? Are you ready to be your true self?

*On a scale of 1-5 what’s your confidence rank? If your current level is at a 3, what can take it up a notch to a four? Take note, being overconfident (like a 10 on the scale) can hurt the relationship and sale.

*What type of body language are you revealing? Non-verbal expressions can say more than actual words. Communication is 93% body language. Folding of the arms, eye contact, being in the moment…etc, can make or break you. When you are speaking, recognize your tonality. Is it too low, harsh, loud, calming?  These are things you really need to be self-aware of.

*How well do you know the product or service you are offering? Are you prepared to discuss the value you offer with a human touch? Can you relate to the customers’ pain or challenge?

*What’s your worth? Is your plan to be super nice and give in no matter what, decreasing your value and self-worth? Can you offer something special your competition doesn’t?

*Do you have effective action steps in place after your initial conversation? Help the customer visualize clearly what steps to take next that will get them closer to their goal.

*Here’s the most important one of all…how’s your level of LISTENING? Don’t be too quick to answer this one. Be honest with yourself to clearly determine if you need to amp it up. Listening with curiosity and asking your customer open-ended questions will help you understand what they truly need and want.

Practice and redundancy will create new habits and soon before you know it, you’ll have this down like a pro!


“Listening is the KEY to MILLIONS!”  

~Rene Kamstra