Whatever We Resist Persists, Whatever We Focus On Expands

We all have that friend who always complains about being broke, unemployed, or unhappy and if you check on this person a few months or a couple of years later, he or she would still be complaining about the same wretched situation. On the other hand, it seems that there is no stopping the rich from becoming even richer or the happy from becoming happier.

The mind is really a very powerful thing and the things that we give attention to, will grow. Focusing on the negative aspects in life attracts negative energy while focusing on the positive things will pull in positive energy from the universe. Whatever we focus on expands. This is one of the truths in life and not just some superstition.

People have the power to control their lives. We determine whether our lives will be happy or miserable, whether we’ll be broke or financially secure.  We just have to choose what to focus on – the positive or the negative aspects of life. This important decision will determine how our lives will turn out to be.

The belief, “What we focus on expands.” is based on the universal law of attraction. According to this law, like attracts like. Putting your energy, attention, or focus on the bad will give you more bad things. Consequently, giving your attention and effort to the good will give you more good things and therefor create an up-word spiral. Then by taking action on these new possibilities, it will grow even more.

Focus not on the bad things around you, but instead put your attention on things that can improve your situation. Annie is a 35-year old woman who has no savings. She has a job yet she has no savings and she always ends up broke and in debt. Her low income and increasing debt are the things she always talks about. When she meets with her friends, all she can talk about is her low paying job and her increasing debts. And the sad part is that she asks her friends if they can loan her some cash so that she can lessen her existing debts. It seems that Annie is just focusing on her miserable financial situation and therefore, she cannot really find a solution that will give her financial freedom.  If only Annie will shift her attention away from the negative and focus on better alternatives to get out of debt, she can change her fate by taking the appropriate action steps to move towards the life she wants.

In the saying, “Whatever we resist persists”, it explains that the things we fight off will still find a way. It comes from the idea that when you put your attention on the negative things, you are actually giving it power to exist. Therefore, we should not focus on the negative but instead focus on the positive. By doing that, we give power to the positive things that can happen in our life. We allow the positive energy to enter and flow in our lives and we then stand in possibility to create the life we always dreamed of.

Because the human mind is a very powerful tool, we should be careful on what we put our focus on. Choose to focus on the bright side of things and not the negative aspects. Focus on moving forward, and not living in your dark, hurtful past. Use your time, energy, attention, and focus on creating a positive vibe around you. Do this and watch all the good, the bright, and the positive naturally follow you.