The Power of Your Beliefs

Various scholars and scientists have long attested to the power of the human
mind. As one of the most important tools in maintaining an individual’s mental and
psychological well-being, it’s no wonder more and more people are harnessing their
own power to break free from limiting beliefs in order to make the most out of their

Your thoughts and beliefs, in essence, are actually the source of your creative
energy. Basically, whenever you focus your attention on something, you are also
putting your energy in that particular thing. The mind may be just a tool but it is a
powerful one nonetheless. This is why it is up to you to utilize this force for your own
advantage. Like a car with no driver, a mind with no rein won’t have any directions
and is most likely to meander along treacherous paths.

Beyond Our Mind and Limiting Beliefs

The mind is further subdivided into two sections – the conscious and unconscious
parts. The former is the one that we are constantly aware of and is responsible for
intentional acts that we do everyday. The latter, on the other hand, is more of like a
dormant power hidden beyond the conscious.

We may wonder why we feel a certain thing for a particular event or a person
but don’t know why. That is actually one of the things that our unconscious
can do for us. It serves as a conduit when all logic and rationality fails to make
sense. Capitalizing on this potential is certainly what enables ordinary people do
extraordinary things.

Making Your Vision a Substantial One

All of these factors contribute in manifesting your reality – the physical existence
that you have carved for yourself. What enables this manifestation into reality of
our thoughts is actually the envisioning process. This process is another aspect of
your mind’s power since it enables you to anticipate the future and to make plans

Imagining is a way of creating our own experience in our mind. Although some
people would dismiss this as mere fantasy, it is actually a very real plane of
experience wherein you utilize various course of options in the method of visualizing
a particular event. Once you view something in your imagination then you are
already expending energy towards that specific thought. What you have to do then
to actualize it is to use your mind power to keep opposing thought from letting you
pursue your plans.

This is why internal beliefs are such potent influence in shaping our lives. More than
changing our perceptions, it has the capacity to spur us into action given the right
choice of thoughts to live by.