More About Rene

Rene Kamstra brings a unique worldview to her many roles as media personality, author, speaker, radio show host and business executive.

Born in South Africa, by Dutch parents, Ms. Kamstra is a dual Psychology and Education graduate of the University of South Africa, holds top certification from the Royal College of Music in London and now lives in New York City.

She currently coaches and teaches businesses on 6 continents as an Executive Master Coach for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Company – “Business Breakthroughs International”. She is also the Director of Consulting for 7 Figure Speaking Empire, where she does sales and sales training for big ticket items on a daily basis. In fact, sales and connecting with people is her passion. Using methods from Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham and many other teachers, she has grown the sales training devision of her company to a point where no one can compete. The energy and the fun she brings to the table, as well as her insight into people is what made her a very successful and sought after coach.

Ms. Kamstra’s talent for the arts and business is combined with a unique love and knowledge of people from every part of the world and every culture. In fact, Rene speaks five languages, has overseen businesses on three continents and as a vocalist has won an EMMY award performing alongside Aretha Franklin, Melba Moore and Cissy Houston.

Surviving and thriving in the rough and tumble worlds of business, the entertainment industry and real life (she has beaten several terminal illnesses) have led Rene into the study of personal development and motivation to succeed. These days, you are just as likely to see her working shoulder to shoulder with the top industry leaders in business and motivation (Tony Robbins, “Flip This House” stars Than Merrill Dave VanHoose, Chet Holmes, Les Brown) as you are to catch her in performance.

To date, Rene has sung in 10 countries, including on Broadway, in London’s Hyde Park and at The Vatican, and has worked in film in front of and behind the camera with Vanessa Williams, Tatum O’Neal, Christopher Scott and other “A” list talent.

Ms. Kamstra’s private practice currently serves client throughout the world. Her “Rene Radio” show and new book “Going It Alone” feature amazing accomplishments by everyday individuals, like the ones she encounters in her philanthropic work with Down Syndrome awareness, the Shriver family and Special Olympics as well as serving as CFO for the “Wellness Connection”, a non-profit group to help abused spouses and children.