Live A Contented and Envy-Free Life

Envy and jealousy are two of the most negative emotions that people feel. These emotions are very destructive and not many people will agree that it can ever bring anything positive to our lives. Harboring envy in our hearts can cause resentment, bitterness, discontent and it may even lead to depression. That is why it is very important that we break free from its damaging influence. How can we live a life that is free of envy?

Count Your Blessings

Instead of focusing on the things that you don’t have, be aware what you have and be grateful for it. Don’t envy someone for having a great career, instead discover what you are good at and use your talents to make a career of your own. You have yourself and you are special just like everyone else. Strive to discover the things that you are lucky to have. Find what’s good in your life and that will remind you that there is no need for envy.

Give Importance To Things That Really Matter

What is really important to you? Is it the material things? A job promotion? In life, we often forget the things that really matter to us such as family, friends, and relationships. When we focus on the things that are really important to us, other things seem so petty and insignificant.

Be Happy In Other People’s Success

Often the main cause of envy is when we are not happy for other people’s success and good fortune. We think that other people don’t deserve the blessings they receive. Why do they have a big house and we don’t? Why did he get promoted and I didn’t? This kind of attitude is never helpful and is in fact very harmful.

Envy can eat at you if you keep thinking that life is a competition. Stop thinking that people are trying to surpass each other all the time because they aren’t. You don’t need to have what other people have. Never think that your friend has everything because that’s very unlikely. Nobody has everything they want or need in life. Remember that you also possess many things in your life that your neighbor doesn’t.  It’s time to stop being competitive and realize that comparing yourself to others will only bring dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

It’s better to feel genuinely happy the next time a friend achieves success. There is enough joy to  go around in this world so never think that you won’t have your chance to feel that kind of joy too. Celebrate the good fortune of your neighbor and they too, will be happy for your success.

Channeling Your Envy

Envy is really very powerful and at times, although we don’t want to feel it, we can’t help feeling jealous or envious. If this is the case, don’t allow envy to be destructive. Instead, turn it into something positive. Use it to motivate you into working harder and achieving your goals. That’s the only good thing that one can get from envy.

Allowing envy or jealousy to control your life can affect not only your mental and emotional health but also your physical health. Free yourself of this harmful emotion and live a life of contentment.