How to keep up with team morale


Teamwork is extremely important in any business or company in order to get things done. One person is not able to carry the load of an entire team, no matter how experienced or talented he or she may be.  If you keep your team motivated and happy, chances are they will do their very best in order to help your company succeed.

Here are a few ways to keep your team happy in order to boost morale and performance.


Create participation and engagement with your team.

There are a lot of employees in the workforce today who believe that their personal input at their jobs is not appreciated or heard. According to, a recent study states that 40 percent of employees feel underappreciated at the workplace. It is important to encourage the members of your team to participate by sharing ideas and input. Ask questions, listen, and if possible, use their ideas when able.

Avoid holding meetings that hold no value.

The average working professional will waste almost 4 hours every week attending meetings that are unproductive and time wasters. When holding a meeting, create an agenda that covers all important areas to discuss. Make sure that only the employees that need to be at that specific meeting attend.

Communicate goals clearly.

Communication is extremely important in any team environment. Studies have shown that 63 percent of employees have admitted to wasting time at work on things that were not a priority because they were not clearly informed on what the main goals and priorities were. As a leader, it is extremely important to set your expectations and communicate them clearly to your team so that they feel comfortable with what they should be working on.

Do not be a micromanager.

It is known that no one likes to work for a boss who is constantly second-guessing them and looking over their shoulder to make sure things are getting done the way they want them to be. It is important to set clear goals for your team and let them figure out a way to achieve them. Guidance is important if they need help, however, micromanaging is not the way to keep employees happy.

Keep a positive attitude.

The attitude of a team leader or manager sets the tone for the rest of your team. If a manager comes into work unhappy and unpleasant, that energy will roll off onto the employees. Try and keep the best attitude you can.

Do not punish mistakes.

It is extremely important for us to be understanding when a team member makes a mistake. After all, we are all human. Do not discourage members of your team when they mess up. Instead, encourage them to learn from those mistakes and try again.