How Mindfulness Can Increase Your Success

We’ve all experienced moments where we’re not fully present in what we’re doing. Maybe you get in the car, only to find yourself at the destination without remembering the ride over there. Or you leave work, without being able to recall what you actually did that day because everything is such a blur. By missing out on being present during the day, you’re losing out on the chance to learn and make connections with those around you. Instead of automatically performing an action – pulling out your phone or checking your social media accounts when you feel bored – think about what you’re doing and how it may be perceived by those around you.

Whether you’re trying to break some bad habits, or just interested in becoming more alert to the world around you, practicing mindfulness can help you become more successful at work and in life. Here are a few simple ways to begin incorporating more mindfulness into your routine.

  1. Practice listening. It’s human nature to think a few steps ahead, so naturally, when you’re in a conversation, your thoughts may turn away from what’s being said to you as you try to decide on what you want to say in response. Not only will be a compassionate, close listener make you more popular, but it’ll help you succeed at your job, too. When you focus on what’s in front of you, you’ll be able to grasp the subtleties of what’s being communicated. Not just what’s being said, but how, as well as any subtext that’s being conveyed by body language. By practicing active listening with your employees, they will feel like they’re being respected and truly heard.


  1. Focus on a single task, instead of doing everything at once. Multitasking can be great in its own way, but sometimes we take it too far: writing an email, listening to a webinar, responding to an instant message, and checking our Facebook all at once. Something is bound to get lost in the shuffle. Instead, try to focus on a single task at a time, giving it your full attention. When one thing is complete, move on to the next. When you find your attention lagging or you start feeling a little bored, don’t let yourself fall into the old habit of checking your phone or your email. Set aside separate times to deal with personal business instead.


  1. Be aware of what you’re doing and why. This has huge benefits for your career because you take a step outside yourself to consider how what you’re doing may be interpreted by those around you. You may notice that you’re regularly spending a lot of time chatting with a coworker while the others around you are heads-down at work. Or you may catch yourself walking through the halls on autopilot, head down, instead of greeting your coworkers and making connections. By asking yourself why you do some of the things you do, you can learn how to improve.


Mindfulness sounds intimidating at first, but at its most basic, it’s about being present and aware of what’s going on around you. By incorporating the above advice, you can begin to improve your work habits and impress your colleagues.