Easy Things You Can Do To Drive Your Business Forward In 2020

With the New Year comes a renewed opportunity for you to focus on improving your business. It doesn’t require a lot of advanced technology or expensive advertising. Here are a few simple practices you can incorporate without much trouble, but they’ll make a world of difference for your company.

First, go back to the basics.

In this age of highly specialized, technology-focused marketing, it can be easy to forget the importance of a personal touch. Email and online marketing, for all its benefits, can be easy to overlook. Most customers receive hundreds of emails a week, so it can be difficult for yet another one to make a connection. So instead of sending another email, consider making personal contact with your clients or customers by mail. Sending a handwritten letter shows that you care enough about them to put in the time and effort.

In reality, letter writing is a simple act, but it makes a huge impression. Keep in mind that it’s best to write by hand, rather than printing text off and mailing it, because that shows the human side to your company. It makes the customer feel a little more special. And while it’s nice to send a thank you to customers after they complete a purchase or finish a transaction with you, you don’t need a reason to send them something. Actually, sending something out of the blue can be just as impactful. You can send a card just to show you’re thinking of them and value their business. Trust me, this leaves a lasting impression.

Listen to your customers and clients.

Sure, everyone knows the old maxim “The customer is always right,” but how much time do you really spend making sure your customers are happy? Sending handwritten thank-you notes cultivates a strong relationship, but you still need to put in the work to understand how your customers felt about the services you provided. Listen to the feedback they offer. Sure, some people will be unsatisfied no matter what you do, but there will be others who will have legitimate concerns you can improve upon. Don’t neglect them just because it hurts your ego.

Stay up to date on your skills.

In the modern world, information can quickly become outdated. Ensure you’re staying on top of the latest trends in your field by taking an online class or subscribing to a professional magazine this year. It’s a small investment in time and money, but you’ll reap huge rewards. Your clients and customers will have confidence in working with you.

Want more ideas? I can help you create a personalized business plan for the new year or simply teach you additional tips and tricks tailored to your company.

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