How Values Drive Sales Success

Aside from the value of your financial propositions or sales statistic figures, the most important value of all is one that imparts something worthy to your clients. This may be in the form of customer relationship or the kind of solution you are essentially offering. However, this value will fundamentally lie in the kind of values you hold for yourself, the one that encompasses your principles and your standard of behavior.

In essence, values are all about the way you approach the things in your life, particularly your work and the people surrounding you. Treating others is a big part of values because it allows us to regards others as someone deserving. Being a sales professional where human and social capital are important means in order to be successful, it is important to be able to establish a bond that is founded on trust and credence. This is why it is only right that one learns the kind of polished and appropriate emotional skills to guide them through achieving the top spot in the sales field.

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

In dealing with their clients, a lot of amateur salespeople make the mistake of tweaking the truths of what they’re offering in order to nab a few sales. In due time however, this mistake invariably haunts them as they belatedly find out that it is hard-pressed to find new clients than to keep them. Since negotiating terms requires trust then newly found or shallow business relationships will most likely fall through, more often than not.

With honesty also comes loyalty. In the sales world, honesty can be a rare commodity since the field receives a lot of flak for engendering people who want to sell at whatever expense. Although this may not be true for every salesperson you encounter, a lot of people remain stuck in a kind of thinking that espouses someone as guilty until proven innocent, which is basically the inverse of the usual saying we’ve been accustomed to.

Effective loyalty building can only come from being able to prove and demonstrate your integrity. Without it, all you’ll be doing is similar to building a castle on sand. It looks sturdy at first until the sea washes it ashore and then you’re just left with the ruins. Contrary to what others believe, honesty truly does sell. This form of values may be sparse and few with the majority of salespeople but it need not be the same for you.

The Power of Compassion

Compassion as one of a salesperson’s important values is certainly something not usually associated with sales. Some people might doubt that there is any role for compassion to play in this field but this sort of thinking couldn’t be more wrong. This is because the art of selling should primarily be all about helping others and finding a solution to their problems. If you’re just in it for the profit without as much as a regard if what you’re offering can be really useful to the other party then you probably got a problem in your values.

What you have to realize is that it should not be about you in the first place. Integrating compassion in sales is a matter of putting your customer first. Success in sales is being able to put your re-shift your focus and mindset to helping out the other party to buy the right thing for his or her need.

In making the transition to a more empathetic mindset, the key is in finding out what the inherent problem of your client is. Once you’ve asked the question, the next best thing to do is to listen attentively so you don’t miss out on any important details. It is definitely imperative not to interrupt the other person when talking so you can properly assess the whole situation. Since most salespeople are known as slick talkers rather than diligent listeners, it would be best to differentiate yourself among others.

Utilizing Passion in Sales

Passion is one emotion typically bereft in sales since most salespeople, admittedly or not; just go through the motions in order to go move on to the next sale. A frequently underrated tool, passion actually does wonders in effectively reaching out to clients. If you are able to use passion to your advantage then you can pretty much wield any other emotion as your own successful tool in employing better values in your own sales process.

By displaying passion, you are strongly getting across the message that you are fervent in your commitment. Passion also imparts the feeling that you sincerely want to help others and that you genuine care to take the time out to evaluate their problems into account.

A salesperson who is passionate in what he does is evident on the way he handles his clients and his entire sales process. What passion does to people is that it motivates them to get to the root of something that’s more than just the superficial trappings of transaction dealings. They ask relevant questions and follow-up on what they say. As a veritable mark of a true salesman, passion certainly gives a lot, not just to you but to the whole of your clientele as well.


All in all, one should never discount values into the sales mix. As a main proponent that drives people, it is something that a lot of salespeople should never fail to integrate because values will never fail to benefit you even when the going gets tough.