Improve Your Online Presence As A Speaker Through Social Media

Topic: How can you improve your online presence as a speaker through social media?

Every day, the power of social media continues to grow immensely and as a public speaker, you should realize how this situation can be very beneficial for you. Through the effective use of social networking sites, speakers can establish an online presence, grow their business, and reach more people.

Many public speakers often need to travel to different cities and countries to give their talks. But according to experts on public speaking and online marketing, public speakers can greatly benefit from creating a web online presence. Modern technology has made it possible to deliver speeches and reach out to your listeners via webcams. In fact, more and more public speakers are doing this now because traveling can sometimes be tiring, expensive, and it limits the number of talks a speaker can give and the number of places that the speaker can go. Meanwhile, with online presentations, a speaker can reach people in different locations all at the same time.

Social media works to connect people from different parts of the globe. With the explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and many more, the world has become a much smaller place. Individuals from any part of the globe can communicate and interact through the social media. Public speakers who already have their own online sites can link their websites to their Facebook, Twitter, and other social network pages. By doing so, one can build a strong online presence. Thousands of people will be able to access the public speaker’s personal website just by linking it to various social networking websites. So basically, the more online social networks that you join, the more people you can reach and the stronger your online presence will become.

Undeniably, Facebook has become a giant in the world of social networking. But the site is not only reserved for clever status updates, selfies, and posting pictures of yourself with family and friends. Businesspeople, nowadays, recognize the power of using Facebook and other social media as a marketing tool. Since the social networks allow people to have a network of “friends”, advertising and promotion of products and services becomes very easy to do. In a matter of minutes, a hundred or more people have read your status update or seen an image that you have posted in your own page. And when you ask people to “Like” or “Share” your posts, these appear on their very own pages and will consequently be seen by their own network of friends. Twitter, Youtube, and the other social networking sites basically work the same way.

Public speakers can also improve their online presence by creating a Youtube channel and perhaps post samples of their talks. They could post in their Youtube account the videos of themselves in presentations about various topics and people can just click on these videos to watch. Their speaking business can greatly benefit as more people become aware of their presentation skills and the topics they handle. Having a Youtube account with video samples of their talks is similar to an online portfolio that all people can have access to. Social media can be a very powerful tool in creating and establishing a strong online presence. Entrepreneurs know this and public speakers out there should also begin to realize how important the role of social media is when it comes to marketing, promotions, and creating a strong online presence for yourself and your business.