Establish Your Expertise Through The Radio

Topic: Using radio to become an expert in your field

Gaining recognition as an expert in your own field can be tough, these days. The competition is high and it does not help that you have no online presence and the public has not heard of you. One of the best ways to boost your reputation is by doing radio shows. Radio shows are very effective in helping one establish his mastery in a subject.  A lot of people still listen to the radio and many of the listeners are encouraged to call in at any time that they have queries that they need the “expert” to answer.

Of course, there are other methods that you can try such as going on TV shows, writing a book, blogging, contributing your articles to a magazine or to newspaper columns, giving talks, and many more. However, regular radio, internet radio and podcast interviews allow you to reach a specific group of listeners. Unlike with TV, where topics and information are more for the general public, radio shows offer specialized topics and discussions. The listeners to the radio programs tune in regularly and they actively listen to the information provided by the guest speakers.  It’s also the same with internet radio shows and podcasts.  The listeners are narrow so you can be sure that those that tune in are highly interested in the topics being tackled. So when you speak in a radio program, you are actually reaching out to your target audience.

Business experts believe that guesting in radio shows may not be as dazzling as being featured in Oprah’s TV show or getting interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, however, high profile shows and publications like these rarely give their guests enough time to let the listeners know more about them. TV guests can have only a few minutes and magazines will rarely publish more than a paragraph about a person.  In a radio show though, the expert is given 15 minutes to an hour to talk about his field and even answer some questions. Talking on a radio show allows you to go in detail, not just generalizations, because you are given enough time to expound on your points. In short, it is the best way to establish your expertise in your subject.

Although regular radio shows also do the job, internet radio shows and podcast are new and effective ways for someone looking to share his expertise and establish a sound reputation. When people listen to you on their computers and they wish to learn more about you, they can just easily go over to you website. They can Google you, look into your blogs, and even buy your books from Amazon. Many interviews on internet radio shows and podcasts are done via Skype or phone so you won’t even need to be physically present at a radio station. You can reach thousands of people without even leaving your own home.

Being recognized as an expert in your profession is very important because it helps boost your business and at the same time, you are able to reach and help more people with your expertise. In a world where competition is tough, one needs to separate himself from the pack. The way to do that is to be recognized in society as a master of your own field. Radio shows are very beneficial for one looking to do just that so if you want to be known as a master in your profession, secure radio guestings or have a radio show of your own.