Inspirational Speaker

Extraordinary Inspiration

What makes a motivational speaker inspirational? At one time in their life, they overcame insurmountable odds, learned valuable lessons and created an extraordinary life in spite of their experience. An inspirational speaker has had to dig deep into their soul and tap into courage, belief and determination in order to survive and then succeed.

This is what many motivational and inspirational speakers have in common. However in order to become GREAT, an inspirational speaker has to be able to offer the audience a tremendous experience.

This is what makes Rene Kamstra outstanding!

Rene’s fight for survival through overcoming childhood cancer and temporary paralysis to performing for the Pope at the Vatican and with greats such as Aretha Franklin is amazing, however her unique storytelling ability is what makes Rene Kamstra so special.

Rene’s inspirational and motivating keynote message contains messages of inner-strength, belief and hope with unbelievable business success.

Rene’s stories capture the attention of her audience and deliver a powerful message with lessons that all business audiences can take from and implement.

In addition to being a motivational storyteller, female inspirational and motivational speaker, Rene Kamstra is the co-founder of Business Oxygen, a leading Business Strategy and Coaching company whose sole aim is to create results for their clients.

With Rene Kamstra as your motivational speaker, your audience will leave with the belief and knowledge that any goal is possible and challenges are just obstacles to be overcome.

With Rene as your keynote speaker, your group will be in great hands, being entertained, inspired and educated through a message with meaning.