Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2015’

  • The Real Reason Why A Business Fails

    Topic: Many entrepreneurs lose their businesses, because they start the business with a dream…. then they become too busy in the busy work and forget to continue to dream and create a bigger vision that continues to adapt to the new era in business. The …

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  • The Importance of Focused Time

    Topic: Time is not the real issue…. It’s all about FOCUSED TIME. One might think that with the today’s cutting-edge technology, people would be less busy and more relaxed. However, as technology becomes more advanced, it seems that people have actually gained more tasks to …

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  • Pictures in Presentations

    Topic: A picture speaks 1000 words. Why is a picture way more powerful in a presentation than slides with a lot of information? One message can be delivered much faster and easier with the use of a well-chosen illustration. If an average person can say …

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